Hold your tears people !

I know this may break some hearts and some of you people may shed a few tears but I have to say it ! 😛

it’s the time I say

Goodbye !

Farewell !

The end !

الوداع !

When I first find out about the assignment I was like “ Uhhhh ! really?! can’t we just do a normal assignment?”

But I have to say that surprisingly I really enjoyed working on ! I loved if for a reason, I had more freedom to talk about what I like in my own words, and it allowed me to be more creative when choosing the subjects I talked about.

I have to admit that I’ll miss going to the library everyday and meeting up with the craziest group ever, George, Slizzy, PeaceSepide and our daddy Richard ! It was my honour to work with you guys and steal some of your ideas, but hey thats what friends are for right ?!



Well I hope you guys enjoyed my posts just like I enjoyed working on them.

maybe I’ll post again, maybe not, so until then …

Take care and See ya !!!


Rich Bitch !

Easy people, I’m talking about DOGS in here. 😛

The people who know me, you know I like dogs, will maybe love.

Ok I’m crazy about them !

I mean I have 5 dogs so you can imagine.

So I thought of looking up how technology helped making my doggies’ life easier. While browsing I came across this article in Information Age by Rossi (2015) “Welcome to the dream doghouse: Samsung unveils £20K kennel for tech-savvy pooches”, If your a dog freak like me this title will make your head turn.

It talks about Samsung building a luxury doghouse for your chic doggy. A team of 12 built the “Dream Doghouse”, looking to anticipate what the stylish canine of the future world require!

It has everything a spoiled dog could ask for, including a treadmill, automated feeder and the most ridiculous of all, a hydrotherapy pool ! Imagine how cool your dog will look relaxing in one.

And if you pooch felt like keeping up with his or her pals on Facebook or Instagram, there’s even a Samsung Galaxy S Tab built into one of the walls of the bedroom.

A vinyl wrap wallpaper complete with paws and bones prints gives your baby a homely feel, with the curved low shape of the house designed for maximum comfort for smaller dogs.

Andy Griffiths, president, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, said of the luxury kennel: “With the Samsung Dream Doghouse, we wanted to reflect the nation’s growing trend for using technology”.

This “Dream Doghouse” is being displayed at Crufts 2015. Though it’s unlikely to ever go on sale, Samsung spent £20k getting the thing built and kitted out, so this was only ever going to be for pedigree pets anyway.

As a mom of 5 doggies I pray that Samsung go ahead with this idea and put it on the market for crazy dog owners like me! I’ll go to the max to pamper my babies, even if it means buying them a £20K bed !

Before I end it I’ll leave you guys with the cutest picture ever, my babies!

My big happy family
My big happy family


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So we critiqued a paper !

Ok people !

It’s time for critiquing a paper.

Me and George found this paper online for Dr. David Kreps and Dr. Erika Pearson called “Community as Commodity”. it basically examines Social Networking Sites (SNS) taking into consideration the economy’s dominant role.This is a video of us sharing our reflective review about it :

I have to say it was’t that easy! we had to shoot it again and again and again. George says it’s my fault (Which is not !!!) so I’ll leave you guys with this video and you can be the judge !

And before I finish this post, a special thanks to our man Slizzy for baring with us and shooting this video over and over and over again. THANK U BABE !!!


Kreps, D., Pearson, E. (2008). community as commodity. Paper presented at IFIP WG 9.5 International Working Conference on Virtuality and Society: Massive Virtual Communities. Retrieved from http://www.kreps.org/papers/communityascommodity_ifip95final.pdf

Skip this ad in 5 sec ?

You don’t really see people walking carrying a radio anymore, you see smartphones glued to their hands. So technology – as usual – found its way to replace radios with Podcasting. What is podcasting you say? let me tell you…

About.com (2015) described podcasts as a series of digital media files, usually audio but it can be video too. You can subscribe to a series of podcast by using a software called podcatcher. Your podcatcher will check periodically if any new files have been published and automatically downloads them your smartphone or computer to listen to or watch whenever you wish to. Simple as that !

Unlike TV and radio where you tune in and select from one of the programs playing, you can choose your own content – just like using an internet – and that’s why it attracts the people.


Podcasts have been around for more than a decade, but the surprise success of “Serial, last autumn’s reinvestigation of a true crime, that became the most popular podcast on record and which has been downloaded more than 40m times, has spurred wider interest in the format (Bond, 2015).

“We’re seeing a major shift in people’s perceptions on the advertising side. They’re starting to have a fear of missing out. And big advertisers are begetting big advertisers”, said Lex Friedman, executive vice-president of sales and development of at Midroll Media, a Los Angeles-based podcast and advertising company. Privately owned Midroll, which expects to triple revenues this year, has won business from Netflix, HBO and NBCUniversal’s USA cable channel, has also scheduled ads from an automotive company to appear in coming months (Bond, 2015).

According to a new survey from Edison Research (2015), monthly listenership in the US has grown to 46m people, from 39m a year ago. That why digital audio networks in the US and Europe are signing up big name advertisers and publishers eager to reach engaged listeners on mobile devices.

So what do you think? will you like to listen to all of these ads when you are listening to your podcast? Or you wanna skip this ad in 5 sec?!


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Wait ! Is that me?

I was doing my daily routine, browsing the BBC news (which is something that never happens) when I came across this article by Kleinman (2015) about a lady “Ruth Palmer” who found out from a friend of hers that there is someone somewhere in the world using her pictures and pretending to be her under the name of Leah Palmer and that she is a victim of online identity theft.

Ruth Palmer victim of online identity theft

So what is online identity theft?

I found this article for Marshall & Tompsett (2005) about online identity theft, they defined online identity theft as “The acquisition of Sufficient data for one individual to successfully impersonate another”, to make it simpler, it means that someone is pretending to be you online. They also say that there is 3 types of identities online:

1- Personal identity online: thats us as individuals, when we go online and create an online  artificial representation of our identity. The main motivation for this type is revenge, you did something really bad for me so I’ll simply impersonate you and spend all of your money on shopping!

2- Corporate identity online: it is the presence of websites, e-mail addresses, the registration of domain names and so on. These identities are often forged because they create for the criminal a way for crime in more legit way, just like when you failed at school and you wanna hide it from your parents so you print your false transcript on a headed notepaper, they will believe it if they saw the school name!

3- Network identity online: this is the components of the network that facilitate the interaction between individual and corporate identities. It is the addresses of the devices themselves so they can be distinguished from other similar devices.

There you go people, there might be another you somewhere in the world.

So if you are really cute like me or very famous you better be careful and watch your back !!


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A ticket to DUBAI please !

At our last lecture, Dr. Maria Burke played a video for us which I found really cool about Barcelona Embraces IoE to create a smart city and I wanted to share it with you guys when something hit me. As an Arab -a proud one- I thought why will I talk about Barcelona when I can talk about an Arabic city that make heads turn.

DUBAI baby !!!!!

I’m sure you guys know somethings about it, but I wanted to show off with our Dubai by laying some facts you might not know about Dubai Internet City (DIC).


It is one of the largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) business parks in the Middle East and North Africa region. After his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum -UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai- announced Dubai Internet City at a Gala Ceremony in October 1999, it generated a huge interest from ICT companies, and in January 2000 a 100 company was licensed.

Here is a short video about Celebrating 15 years of Dubai Internet City 2014 :

DIC hosts an international community of IT companies which include: Microsoft, DELL, Intel, IBM, Canon, General Electric, Oracle and Cisco just to name a few. It is built inside a free trade zone, which makes it a strategic base for companies targeting emerging markets in the neighbouring regions.

DIC provides an environment that attracts all elements of the ICT value chain, and has developed programmes that can be leveraged by the community to explore and expand channel development opportunities. Companies are privy to an advanced Metro Ethernet broadband infrastructure and a range of business-enabling services including government transactions. DIC also has the world’s largest commercial IP Telephony network.

Way you go Dubai !

Before I sign off for today I need to confess something, when somebody in the UK asks me where I am from? I say Bahrain but most reactions I get “Haa? Say again? where is it exactly?” so I have to say “You know Dubai? right next to it” and they will be like “ Ohhh Dubai ! Nice ! We would like to go there for a visit !”.

So thank you Dubai for being my country GPS !

and yeah a ticket to DUBAI please !


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Cloud Computing For YOU Dummies


I thought for this post I can teach you guys something for a change.

So, bare with me and act interested will you?!

I’m sure most of you heard about the term “The Cloud” and maybe actually used the cloud daily, but not everyone, I’m sure my mom has no idea about it.

So mom, this post is for you and for you dummies too!

I will try to make it simple, basically cloud computing means that you can upload your information and files to a service and then download them again wherever you are via the internet. This is very useful if you wanna allow multiple people to access these files. By using the clouds you can store your music playlists and listen to them wherever you are, or store your photos as well, as long as you have an internet connection (Griffith, 2013).

So mom even if the house and your computer burns down, don’t worry, your files will be safe up there in the clouds!

BBC (2012) showed a few examples of cloud services available for us:

1- DropBox: one of the most popular services available – it allows you upload any type of file then synchronised it with any computer or smartphone.

2- Google Music: a cloud music service owned by google that lets you to store up to 20,000 songs, but unfortunately this service is only available in the United States.

3- iCloud: the famous Apple service that lets you share your photos, music and any other file from your computer to your Apple phones, tabs and other devices.

Mom, can you stop asking me for USB flash memory and start using the cloud please?


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